2004 Sturgis – Day 4

Crazy Horse and Rushmore

Tuesday morning it was cloudy and cool, so we dressed warmly for a day of riding.  After breakfast we joined the line of bikes stretched from the Chip, through town and into legendary Deadwood, about 20 miles south of Sturgis.

Streets in Deadwood were also filled with bikes and their riders. During the trip that day it became apparent that every town within 100 miles of Sturgis was overrun with bikes. Mount some 50 calibers, pass out a few RPG launchers, and I think we could have occupied Iraq. We stopped at The Sugar Shack on Highway 385, a popular biker hangout in the Black Hills. They serve excellent burgers.

Our second stop was the Chief Crazy Horse memorial.  Construction of this monument has continued for over 50 years. It could be another 100 years before work is done.  The Chief’s face is closest to completion but other features are barely defined.

The next destination was Mt. Rushmore, which was also spectacular, but not to the level of Crazy Horse. Rushmore will fit inside the opening between Crazy Horse’s arm pit and his horse’s head.

From Rushmore we rode to Rapid City and back to Sturgis. This was a great riding day with more fun to come.  We still had the Pitchfork Fondue and Beach Boys to look forward to.

Pitchfork Fondue

The fondue consisted of buffalo steaks soaked in a hot marinade and then flame grilled. Movement of the meat from pot to grill was done by pitchfork, of course.

The dinner was ok, but was followed by an entertaining biker hypnotist who asked for volunteers.  Tom volunteered but did not become hypnotized.  He was excused from the stage and rejoined us to watch the successfully hypnotized folks act out as instructed.

At 2030 the Rock and Roll All Stars performed and at 10:30 the Beach Boys came on.  The evening was cold enough to wear all my layers and leathers to the concert.

Beach Boys

I had wondered how a hippie/surfer band like the Beach Boys would work at a place like Sturgis. It didn’t take long and they had the bikers revving their approval via unbaffled exhausts throughout the Buffalo Chip Arena. They put on a great show but the cold was getting to them, too.  Hawaiian shirts and shorts could not have been comfortable that night.

After the show, the MC announced that the Sturgis motorcycle rally “…would be held in the summer next year”.  It was cold that night. When Tom woke at 0500 and checked outside, there was frost on the motorcycles.  Yes, It froze in Sturgis in August.

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