2004 Sturgis – Day 7

Feeling Foolish

We got a good nights rest and I took off early the next morning to see the Yellow Stone Harley Dealer about my engine noise. They are open 7 days a week 7am to 11 pm. The service manager listened to the bike then one of the mechanics took it out for a test run. He returned with the disastrous news that I had a rattling gas cap. He didn’t charge me anything but I gave him $20 for their beer fund and drove away with mixed feelings. I was elated because there wasn’t a problem and embarrassed…

”Instead of a cell phone,
he carries a knife,
no helmet, no…”

You get the idea.


The day was heating up in St. Regis so we peeled off as many layers of garments as we could.   Aaron soaked his clothes with a garden hose and I poured my bottled water over the top of my head a let it flow down under my shirt. Both of us hoped to use evaporation to stay cool.  It worked, for about 5 miles. The heat was really on in Coeur d’Alene so we rested in the shade and drank a lot of water.

Our last stop before home was Ritzville.  We said our goodbyes there and drove to the Tri-Cities. We arrived in the Tri-Cities about 9 PM.


Since 2004 I’ve been to Sturgis three times;

  • In 2005 for a stop in Deadwood and the Sugar Shack on my way back from Chicago with Norm
  • In 2006 on another 3 day stint at the end of Norm’s and my ” Ride to the Wall”where we met Aaron, Tom, and Mark
  • Aand the last in 2012 with Norm on our way back from the “South to Sturgis” ride with Fred and Bill and where we met Tom, Kathy, Darryl, George, Dave, Sid and his son Erick

I’ve discussed our first Sturgis ride with Tom a few times since and we agree, the first ride with Aaron was the most memorable. Everything was new and crazy. Now we know what to expect and it doesn’t seem so crazy.

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