Getting Started

Somewhere around last October I began considering a cross country trip on my bike. It’s something that I had always thought would be an ultimate trip but never had the funds, was in the Navy, starving undergraduate, or family man.

At 54 the kids are all grown, I’ve got a bike, and my wife is…ok with it.

Plotting a Course and How Long Will It Take?
As I began plotting my itinerary it dawned on me there could some smaller objectives along the way. It’s a long way to the East Coast from Richland, Washington. The question was, “What did I want to see or do?”

At first I looked at tourista type places of interest but didn’t find much of interest there. For one thing I wouldn’t have time to spend in any one place so they had to be quick stops or the trip would take me months or years. I was thinking in the 3 week range. I think the old body will be pretty dilapidated after that long on the road, especially if I’m camping out most nights to cut costs.

First thoughts were the following.

  • Vic – Salt Lake City, UT – Navy
  • My roots – West Plain, MO – Where my parents were born and raised
  • Nate -Easton, MD – Family friend
  • Mig – New York, NY – Navy
  • JC – Naperville, IL – Navy
  • Sturgis – Sturgis, SD – Might meet some friends there

It might seem that six stops is a good number. that’s three on the way and three back. Past experience tells me 300 miles is a good average for long duration rides. I’m hoping to keep it to three weeks so making anything like 400-600 a day would be difficult. Overall the mileage is going to be between 6,500 – 7,500 miles. That’s over 1,000 miles/3+ days between the current interest points. I’ll need more than that.

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