CGB: Day 26: Best Ride Today

The night before I was able to get into my tent and keep it dry so had a good night after all. The next morning I awoke to a cool-sunny day, showered and felt renewed and ready for the ride up US-84 to Pagosa Springs, then US-550 from Durango to Montrose, both “Red Ribbon” roads according to my Rand-McNally Atlas.

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On my way back from the showers I ran into this guy. Somehow he guessed I was a veteran and gave me a couple of souvenirs he makes for vets. We then walked to his trailer where I met his wife and he gave me a quick tour. Pretty cool. He’s done a lot of work on a basic U-Haul type trailer to make it comfortable for him and his wife. Check out the photo gallery for days 21-33 for more photos of his trailer and the souvenirs.

I’m usually doubtful about the “red ribbon” roads being “Best of the Road” for each state according to the Atlas as I have ridden them in several states with mixed results. I was, however optimistic about riding through the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

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It was a fun, scenic ride traveling through the Rockies. especially From Hermosa to Ridgeway, CO. We climbed through three mountain passes of 10,640 – 11,075 ft elevations in 96 miles.

When we pulled into Ouray, CO for gas after dropping out of the last pass, I told Norm I thought the ride from Santa Fe to Ouray was possibly the #1 cruising ride we had done in our years of riding together. He looked unconvinced and said, “Maybe in the top ten, but not the number one.” After a pause he conceded, “Maybe the number one ride today.”


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  1. Hi, just wanted to say that it’s great to read all your stories about your travels. I’m still planning to do a 4 weeks road trip next summer. Looking forward!!!

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