Time for Winter Cleaning

This post should have displayed one of my photo galleries using my upgraded NextGen Plus plugin. As you can plainly see, the only thing here is text. What this tells me is, it’s time to do some major deep cleaning and some dusting of the site.

  1. When the plugin didn’t work in my post a little research indicated that my current theme, which had not been updated by the developer in a couple of years, would not work with the new plugin. I verified this by testing the post with the latest WordPress theme, Twenty-Sixteen. It worked.
  2. The WordPress engine recently received a major overhaul with version 4.41 making it “responsive”. This means the posts, pages, photos, etc. will automagically adjust to various devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets and computers). My old theme is not responsive.
  3. I’ve known it was time to renovate for sometime so this is not a surprise.
  4. Bottom line, I have to adapt all the posts and pages to the new theme AND republish all my photo gallery pages with the correct NextGen Plus code. The latter I can easily do live. The preceding would be more dangerous if done live. I will have to redesign my menus and make sure all plugins play nicely with the new theme. I could actually break my site.
  5. To avoid breaking my live site I need to create a development server on which to test the new theme. Setting the server up will take time. Tweaking the theme to suit my needs will take more time.
  6. Wish me luck.

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