Upcoming Fall Ride Highlights

Colorado National Monument

Lots of Cool Stuff for the 2016 Fall Ride

On this year’s Fall Ride we’ll travel to a National Monument, ride top twenty motorcycle roads, visit distant friends and some fun places we’ve been before.

Fall Ride Abbreviated Itinerary

Space 13, Mt. Home KOA, Idaho:

This was the first stop and a traditional stop since of Norm’s and my long distance touring rides which started in 2005. Sadly, Norm will be in Hawaii. I know he will miss the backup beeping of the cement trucks located across the street from the campground.

Salt Lake City, UT:

Dinner at the Red Iguana and beers at the Candle Suites gazebo on N. Temple with Vic (Navy buddy) who drinks on the cheap.

Fruita, CO:
Fall Ride
Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

Taos, NM:

Via the Million Dollar Highway (US-550) a top 20 motorcycle road, Rio Grande Gorge, Earth Ship Community, Taos County Jail (Easy Rider) and Taos Loop/Angel Fire VN Memorial

Embudo, NM:

Embudo Station junkyard

Socorro, NM:

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Large Array

Pie Town, NM:

Meet the Pie Lady of Pie Town and enjoy some incredibly good pie.

Hanagan Meadows, AZ:

Meet Andy and Cayla at the the lodge which provides rustic yet comfortable accommodations and a rest stop on the Devil’s Highway to Morenci Copper Mine and Scottsdale. We’ll stay at Andy and Cayla’s Pool and RV Park while enjoying some hatch chilli cheese dip. “That’s truth right there!”

Quartzite, AZ:

Hi Jolly grave site. This was the real life character of “Hawmps” the 1976 movie. (New)

Chiriacho Summit, AZ:

General Patton Museum (New)

Angeles Crest Highway (CA-2), Highway 101, CA-36:

Top 20 motorcycle roads (CA-2 and CA-36 are New)

La La Land (LA), CA:

Ride with Tony and his club and connect with some Navy buddies

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