Development Site now Functional

Before embarking on the change of theme and adding menus to the blog I needed to setup a local site on my pc. This was needed in order to prevent breaking the live (online) site while tinkering with the theme, database, and other potentially hazardous items.

The process for creating a localhost (development) site:

  • Installed XAMPP
  • Move all files from my host ( to localhost (my pc)
  • Exported SQL database from live site to localhost
  • WordPress admin worked, Yay!!! I could edit, create, and preview work
  • Problem: local views of posts/pages/photos were still coming from the live site
  • The database was not setup correctly. I tried many solutions but the thing that worked for me was using directions from and their recommendation of using the WP Migrate DB plugin to migrate my database from the live to localhost site. Worked!!!
  • Now beginning full test of the local site
  • After I insure all is well, I’ll begin working on the new theme again
  • Then, I’ll continue transferring pages from the old web site to blog posts. Lots to do!

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