The Hog-Blog: A Motorcycle Travelogue



Welcome! The Hog-Blog is a motorcycle travelogue. It contains stories, photos, video, tips, and experiences related to motorcycle riding. Our motto: “Ride, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

The above content is bikenostic: noun. def.: You can’t prove there is a best bike.

The best bike for an individual depends on personal preferences. For example: skill level, type of riding, distances, ascetics and others. If it has two wheels and a motor, it’s cool. We have no problem with three wheelers either. Our friends ride both. For that matter, pedal bikes are cool too, just not a part of this blog. 

Motorcycle Travelogue Content

Blog content is made up of posts, pages and photos. These can be serious, humorous, sometimes irreverent and possibly helpful to riders. The enjoyment of riding comes in different flavors for different people.

For the author, planning a ride, completing the ride and documenting the gives a trip three times the satisfaction. The Hog-Blog is a result of the latter. You will find documentation here of trips and experiences. For that reason you will find trip stories in the posts and pages.


These are motorcycle travelogue day to day entries. Posts are usually written with a few photos or graphics. To see the most recent posts, use the Home button. You can also use the “View Posts by Category” drop down menu.


These are the motorcycle travelogue special topics. These contain articles, tips, and photo galleries. Use the top menus: “Adventure,” “Cruising,” “Northwest,” or “Misc.”

Check out the Misc menu for packing lists, tool lists and wrenching tips.

You can comment on any post. If you have recommendations, suggestions or corrections, please write them there.

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