06 Peninsula Ride

What is it?

The peninsula is some where near 95% designated Wilderness Area containing the largest remaining undisturbed old-growth rain forest in the Northwest. Jagged peaks of the Olympic mountains rise up to 8,000′ through the center of the peninsula which also contains over 60 miles of the largest section of wilderness coast line in the lower 48 states. Total distance from the Tri-Cities, WA = 959 miles.

Points of Interest

White Pass/Rimrock Lake

We will travel over White Pass in the southern Cascades via Highway 12. Either way you go the views and scenery are excellent.

Mt. Rainier

An active volcano, Mt. Rainier has come to symbolize Washington state. Mt. Rainier stands 14,410 ft above sea level with 35 square miles of snow and ice. There are several glaciers on the mountain with Emmons being the largest glacier in the lower 48 states.

US 101

There were lots of picturesque views along 101. An excellent ride but don’t plan to make great time. We were fortunate to be traveling on a week day but touristas abound on week ends.

Lake Quinault

Quinault Lodge, rich in history, was built in 1926 and has been visited by US Presidents and foreign dignitaries. Located on Lake Quinault at the Rain Forest Village, it provides a high class retreat.
There are several trails through the rain forest leading to and from the campgrounds, lodge, and village.

Hoh Rain Forest

500 year old trees, 150″ (12-14 feet) of rain per year, and giant Sitka Spruce in a thick-green growth. I’ve lived in Washington all my life but had never been here. It is incredible.

Neah Bay

Visited here with my sailing friend a couple of times but never by road. I hiked into Cape Flattery which has several excellent views of the rugged coast and light house on Tatoosh Island.

Straits of Juan De Fuca

US 112 along the straits is an excellent riding road, especially from Neah Bay to Joyce, WA. There are lots of curves with good road with vistas across the straits.

Hurricane Ridge

Hiking trails and visitor center near top of the Olympics with views across the Olympics and Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Port Gamble

Referred to by locals as the “Jewel of the Kitsap Peninsula”, the town is a 120 acre National Historic Landmark with turn-of-the-century buildings and interesting views.


The Emerald City is often on many “Most Liveable City” lists. Seattle has a 540,000 population in Seattle proper and 2.7 million in the greather Seattle area.

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  • Take good rain gear – Some parts of the rain forest get more than 200″ of rain a year
  • It’s often muddy and a rough road from Neah Bay to Cape Flattery – There is a $10 (in 2006) hiking fee which should be paid prior to leaving Neah Bay. You can purchase the permit at the Tribal Center, Smoke Shop, Marina, General Store or a couple of other places.
  • Avoid rush hour in Seattle

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