Packing Lists



If you’ve done any traveling you have probably got your own packing system. If not, here’s mine. It’s a compilation from several sources plus additions I’ve made over the years.


Sample lists

MicaPeak’s List This page provides an html form with check boxes and text boxes which you complete to create your own packing check off sheet.
Muthah on Packing Straight forward packing for a bagger.
My List (xls) Packing the Fatboy for long trips has proven to be a challenge. I use an odd combination of bags which I’ve collected over the years and which work for me.

Other Links

HelenTwoWheels Vietnam Norm turned me onto this site. Helen’s stuff is designed for BMW but will work for other bikes. Good materials, and simple but well done site.
Motorcycle Straps and Bungees Good site describing how to make your own. Similar techniques to HelenTwoWheels but cheaper if you do it yourself. I’ve used these techniques and they are far superior to bungee cords. Bungees are made to be stretched. You have to get the perfect length in order for it to stretch tight enough to keep a load in place. If you max their stretch, they get weaker. Tie down straps are much better. I use 3/4″-1″ nylon. Since using them I haven’t lost a thing from my pack.

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