Trip Planning


The link above will allow you to download an Excel spreadsheet I developed over the years of planning my rides. For me, one  fourth of the fun of a ride is planning it. During the winter I get to dream and research places I would like to go then plan the trip itself. This spreadsheet allows:

  • Set start date then the sheet will track how many days you have traveled
  • llow you to indicated waypoints and stopping points
  • Calculates the total days to that point and the day of the week. The day of the week comes in handy when determining when businesses, tours, etc. will be open.
  • Use conditional formatting to color alternate rows
  • Use conditional formatting to color rows based on camping, mooching, motels
  • Calculates the total days of camping, freeloading, and motels
  • Calculates total costs for fuel, motels, camping, food, and refreshments
  • Calculates time (given my own formula) for daily miles based on estimated average speed

If you like it, use it. If you don’t, modify it. If you modify it, share it.

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