15 Best Motorcycle Roads from About.com

15 Best Motorcycle Roads

This just in…
About.com has listed the 15 best motorcycle roads in America. As with all lists of this nature, I doubt anyone would agree that this is a conclusive list or in the correct order. Regardless, in my experience, it’s a good list.

Of the 15 best motorcycle roads listed, I’m fortunate to have traveled the following: #15: WA-129/OR-3, #11: Natchez Trace Mississippi, #7: Cherohala-Skyway in Tennessee, #6: Going to Sun Road in Glacier Park,

#5: Rte 1 in California, #4: US 550 “The Million Dollar Highway” in Colorado, #3: US-129 “Tail of the Dragon” in N. Carolina, #2: Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, and #1: Bear-Tooth Highway Montana-Wyoming (photo above left is Bear-Tooth Mountain).

A group of my buddies plan to ride #8 California Rte 36 this fall. I will now try to work in #10: CA-2 “Angeles Crest Highway” and maybe #8 CA-36 to the coming fall ride.


Punch Card

Steve put together a punch card for Norm from Southsound BMW. We figure Southsound should honor it since Norm has purchased three new BMWs within a 1 year period.

Adventure Camp

I’ve been watching the weather on Snoqualmie and White Passes. Up until tonight it looked like rain and snow flurries Friday night but only rain during the day. I’m packed and ready to go so checked the weather again and it’s snowing like crazy on both sides of the passes. The snow is supposed to stick around tomorow with accumulations of 1-2″ at 1,000ft on Snowqualmie and 2,500ft for White Pass.

The Columbia Gorge is not as bad, mostly rains storms, winds, and thunderstorms tonight and rain tomorrow plus a 6-7 hour ride to boot.

I’m waiting to see what it’s like tomorrow. I may have to go with the Gorge. It will be cold and wet regardless.