2016 Peru: Viewing the Nazca Lines

Day 6: The Ancient Nazca Lines

We traveled from Puerto Inka to Nazca via the Pan American Highway. In Nazca most of us signed up for an airplane tour over the Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs. Flying in third world countries makes me nervous.

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Puerto Inka Resort: Beauty and the Beast

Day 5: Mahes River Lodge to Puerto Inka

Puerto Inka is a small Resort near Chala, Peru. It has charm with upscale accommodations and a beautiful cove with a beach on the Pacific Ocean. It was a tranquil redoubt with the waves quietly washing up the beach. That was until Rodney irritated Rita.

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Exploring Historic Arequipa


Historic Arequipa

I spent a total of four and a half days in historic Arequipa, Peru. It is the second most populous city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. A visual aspect of Arequipa is the use of white sillar earth in construction. Due to this it is also known as the “White City”.  Continue reading “Exploring Historic Arequipa”

Arequipa Zip Line

Arequipa Zip Line

Arequipa-Zipline03_sladeBelow is a video of me riding the Arequipa zip line in Arequipa, Peru. It was part of the city bus tour we took our second day. The first section is 750 meters long. The second is 250 meters long to get you back across the Rio Chili where you must hike back up to the original launch point.

The hike, at a 7,500 foot elevation, was taxing for this old-over-weight guy. Although it was a struggle with a few stops for a breather, it felt good. Significantly, I had no signs of altitude sickness. I attribute that to my steady diet of coca candy and frequently chewing a cud of coca leaves.

Thanks to Slade and Dan (members of the Motoquest tour group) for letting me use their videos along with my own.

My First Day in Arequipa


Arequipa and Plaza De Armas

After a couple hours sleep I decided to take a hike on my first day in Arequipa to get my bearings. I met Slade, Darrin, and Rita in the hotel courtyard. After getting to know each other we hiked to the Plaza de Armas. In my research before the trip, I discovered that Arequipa’s plaza is one of the most beautiful in Peru. It is beautiful. Continue reading “My First Day in Arequipa”

Lost in LAX

Tri-cities and Portland airports: no problem. LAX: lots of problems. Few signs, ambiguous signs, lack of info in general and a “Charlie-foxtrot” getting to the international terminal and gate. Once at the gate, directions were contradictory and confusing. Several of us had to change lines more than once.

I may have the unofficial record with five line changes today. On the last line-switch the guy in front of me (hidpanic) got into a heated argument with one of the attendants (also hispanic) regarding the confusion. I think she won because he and I changed lines again.

There may have been some cursing in the fiery exchange or maybe they just sounded like they were cursing. As my friend Steve says, “You speak several languages but you don’t hear them worth a damn!”

The Adventure Begins

Now checked into the Pasco Airport and headed to Peru. All is good and waiting for boarding.

The only concern is that i can see my flight’s Alaska turbo jet sitting on the tarmac and they have one of the engine cowlings off. Two mechanics, who look a lot like Laural and Hardy, are nearby scratching their heads.

That doesn’t bother me as much watching the flight crew board. I swear, it looked like the pilot had a pint bottle of Old Crow in one hand as the copilot and flight crew helped him onboard.

I’m anticipating an interesting journey.

ps: i was kidding about the Old Crow. I think it was actually a good brand of whiskey.