14 – Can’t Go Back

We planned this ride to test a theory; You can’t go back. This is a generalized form of “You can never go back home.” It suggests that things change too much to go back to previous places you have visited and still have a similar experience. For the trip we included 9 previously visited places: US-395 through central Oregon, the Famous Door and Copper Monkey bars in New Orleans, the Under the Hill Saloon in Natchez, West Plains, Joe’s Standard Bar in Blue Springs, Sam’s Place in Wichita; the KOA in Amarillo; the Red Iguana in Salt Lake City.
We also tossed in new experience including a Death Valley; visit with Andy and Cayla in Scottsdale, AZ; a ride down US-191, the Devil’s highway; Carlsbad Caverns, NM; Roswell, NM (for naught); New Orleans; Juke joints on US-61, the Blues Highway; a part of the Natchez Trace; my parents’ home town, West Plains, MO; The Tent Rocks and Pueblos near Santa Fe and a visit with my brother-in-law and family in Idaho Falls.

the theory held true for 2 of the 9 stops. The Under the Hill Saloon was a complete buts with bad bad and sleazy patrons ruining the evening. Sam’s Place was no longer in business as a bar. In the 7 which we still enjoyed, it was most likely different but fun. So, you can go back…sometimes.

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