2016 Fall Ride: Riding to Scottsdale

Day 9: Heber to Scottsdale

Before heading to Scottsdale the next morning we ate breakfast at Three Bears Cafe in Heber. The waitress who served us was a character with a sense of humor.

In response to her, “Anything else,” after taking our order I said, “I could go for some water.” She asked, “Where will you go with it?” I was initially baffled by her response, until everyone else began laughing. She kept us entertained through the entire meal. The food was good too.

Salt River Canyon and Shamrock tavern

After breakfast we headed to Scottsdale through Salt River Canyon on US-60. The road through Salt River Canyon is fun with lots of short sweepers and twisties.

Following the canyon we stopped at the Shamrock Tavern in Miami, just west of Globe, AZ. The tavern has been a traditional stop which we’ve manged to observe on each visit with Andy and Cayla.

Caution is required when entering the biker friendly bar. The clientele is not the problem. It’s the transition from the outside light to a very dark bar. Each time I have entered the tavern I have temporarily lost my sight due to the transition. Because of this visual disorientation I nearly fell down the ramp leading into the bar. On each of these occasions I considered quoting one of my riding buddies with, “I’m not drunk…Yet!” (Norm, High Level, AB, 2013)


The roads from Miami to Scottsdale are a slog. US-60 and the interstates  are largely flat and straight. There was a pay off though: A visit to the place I was first introduced to the Hatch Chili: Aho Al’s.

After unpacking and getting settled at Andy and Cayla’s we rode in Andy’s truck to Aho Al’s in Scottsdale. All the food was excellent, but the Chili Con Queso is as addicting as I remembered. It has just the right amount of heat with a full hatch chili in the queso.

Thank you Andy and Cayla (and Don and Judy) for a good time in Arizona.

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