2004 Sturgis – Day 1


Our final planning meeting was at our Tom’s house the day before departure; Friday, August 6th.  Aaron, Tom and I decided to meet at Shari’s the next morning at 7:30

Saturday, when we met, we were anxious to start so got on the road by 7:45 AM.  We weren’t actually absconding but I think a couple of us were escaping irate wives.

Evil Knievel

The morning was sunny and warm with little traffic out of town.  We stopped for gas in Ritzville where we talked to some other riders who told us that Evil Knievel would be at Shumate Harley in Spokane that afternoon which was on our way. We stopped in Spokane in hopes we would see Evil but he wasn’t due to arrive until several hours later. We still got to see the rocket in which he attempted the Hell’s Canyon jump.

It turned cloudy and cool and there was a misty rain near Lookout Pass at the Idaho, Montana border.  We stopped for gas in St. Regis, Drummond and Whitehall before arriving in Bozeman about 7:30 PM local time.  We had been on the road about 11 hours and covered about 550 miles.  After checking into the Super 8 motel and unpacking we had dinner at the Panda Chinese Buffet. It didn’t seem like a “goin’ to Sturgis meal” but did fill us.

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