2004 Sturgis – Day 3


The burnouts and engine revving tapered off, but didn’t really stop. We woke at 0600 to a Harley parking next to us and revving its motor. It was Reveille at Sturgis. We crawled out of our bags and rode to the arena to find coffee and breakfast. Taco time offered breakfast and other supplies were available at the General Store.

This day was to be spent in town checking out the vendors, shops, and bikes.  It was afternoon before we got to town. We parked our bikes at the edge of town at the city park and walked the mile into town.  Every street in town was lined and filled with the thousands of bikes gathered for the event.  We looked at t-shirts, patches, pins, hats, custom motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, and biker bars. Two made claims to be the “World’s Largest” bars – you could drive your bike inside and park it.

It became apparent that Sturgis is largely a Harley Davidson convention with a significant percentage of motorcycles in attendance being Harley variants.  Un-muffled variants.  And the Harley riders love to demonstrate just how loud their pipes are.  Often.  Frequently.  With vigor. Ear plugs were Tom’s friends.

That evening, Aaron treated us to MREs for dinner. We were all out of practice with MREs so it was a bit of a kluge preparing and eating them out on the prairie we were calling home the next few days.

ZZ Top

After dinner we walked to the arena with our chairs and set up in anticipation of the ZZ Top concert.  We wandered among the vendors for a while then at 10:30 PM, the concert began.  ZZ Top played until after midnight providing the best concert of the Rally.

By 0100 we were in bed.  It rained during the night but our tents kept us dry.

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