My First Day in Arequipa


Arequipa and Plaza De Armas

After a couple hours sleep I decided to take a hike on my first day in Arequipa to get my bearings. I met Slade, Darrin, and Rita in the hotel courtyard. After getting to know each other we hiked to the Plaza de Armas. In my research before the trip, I discovered that Arequipa’s plaza is one of the most beautiful in Peru. It is beautiful.

Great Food

Alpaca, steak, chicken (l-r) and quinoa dish at top

First, we stopped at the Zigzag Restaurant for dinner where we ordered the trifecta of alpaca, beef, and chicken. The meats are served on a sizzling and spattering hot rock so bibs are provided.  The meal is complimented with a choice of side dishes including quinoa and four sauces.

After lunch we walked the few blocks to Plaza De Armas. The plaza is Impressive and obviously the cultural and communal hub of the city. There is a significant selection of shopping, eating and drinking venues. You will also see school children, parents, and old folks walking or lounging in the plaza proper.

One of the nearby volcanos and Basilica from across Plaza de Armas
One of the nearby volcanos and Basilica Cathedral from across Plaza de Armas

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