Climb a Mountain

Pardon my dust
Pardon my dust

Whew!!! I Worked all morning trying to fix tables and lists in the twenty sixteen theme. I actually broke a couple of other items in the process and spent most of my time trying to find and repair the offending code. It took much longer than expected due to, what a friend of mine calls, a rookie mistake.

When I found what I thought was the problem and fixed it, nothing changed on the site after updating the page. It was then back to digging through the HTML/CSS looking for other errors. Nothing…for over an hour.

After searching through the code and insuring that nothing was wrong I tried changing simple stuff, like font color, which would be difficult, even for me, to screw up. After refreshing the page, nothing changed.

View from Badger Mt: The height of Lake Lewis during the ice age flood
View from Badger Mt: The height of Lake Lewis during the ice age floods

Time for another view of the problem. I took a break and hiked up Badger Mountain. As I walked, something was tickling my memory banks, but wouldn’t reveal itself until about half way up.

That was when it dawned on me that the host may have caching turned on.

When I got back home, I did a little research and the site’s dynamic cache would not update the database for hours. All I had to do was turn the caching off and, voila, fixed!

I don’t always get frustrated with my coding, but when I do, I go climb a mountain. Keep coding my friends.

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