14 DS Sasquatch

The Dual Sport Sasquatch Ride is put on by Tom Mehren of Soundrider.com. He has written several books regarding dual sport routes.


  1. Tom Mehren’s personality (Norm began referring to him as Napoleon)
  2. Lots of people were without routes on their GPS’s because Garmin Nuvis do not do tracks and Mehren couldn’t convert the tracks to routes.
  3. Difficulty on some parts were Expert.
  4. Lots of casualties. First day three bikes went down: one resulting in a trip to the hospital for broken collar boneone, bruised ribs for another preventing him from continuing on the off road routes and eventually dropping out. Third day another broken collar bone with a trip to the hospital. Fourth day lots of people went down on the route to Cliffdell (including me).
  5. Of 31 who started, less than half finished.

Good Stuff:

  1. Norm led for most of the ride with his new Garmin Montana. He developed a posse who relied on him and found his speed worked for them.
  2. Most of the ride was easy to challenging (without being too scary) and fun.
  3. Met some good folks.
  4. Lots of good food (some places were a bit pricey, but what you should expect when riding with beamer types
  5. Campgrounds were good
  6. Scenery was excellent

Overall: A great ride


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