Like the Jitterbug

Pardon my dust
Pardon my dust

I use Picasa to edit my photos when I’m being lazy and have a lot of photos to do. It is easy editing. I can apply simple filters, crop, add captions on the fly, and finally export to optimized size and quality. It has worked great for me over the years.

I also use GIMP which is an excellent (free under the GNU license) photo editor. I believe it does a much better job of enhancing photos, but more complex and time consuming, so I use it when I have the time or need for better quality.

As a part of the site theme renovation, I needed to re-edit the 2014 “You Can’t Go Back” ride photo galleries. Some of the galleries had 40+ photos and some had 10. I wanted to balance the number of photos in each gallery so, decided to use Picasa for this since my focus was on getting the job done.

First step was to evenly redistribute the 300+ photos for the ride to folders in Picasa. I then began uploading the folders to galleries via the NextGen plugin. The problem I ran into was the captions were not uploading with the photos. Actually, all the metadata/exif data was stripped from the files, but I was only concerned with the captions.

At first, I considered redoing all 300+ captions in WordPress, but that would be time consuming. Instead I spent a few hours researching the problem on Google where I found a couple of vague hints that the problem might be with the plugin itself.


In a last ditch effort, before adding the caption manually, I turned to trial and error. I discovered that if I set NextGen Options to resize the photos, it stripped the metadata. If I resized photos in Picasa and  turned off the resize option in NextGen, the metadata remained intact. Ghah!!! So simple, “…like the jitterbug, it plum evaded me!” (Jimmy Buffet, “God’s Own Drunk”)



Pardon My Dust

Pardon my dust
Pardon my dust

After testing the new-responsive theme on my local server, I’m now ready to start implementing it on the “live” blog. Some oddities will occur during the process:

  1. You will see the web site theme change from the original theme to the new theme off and on. That’s me working on the menus.
  2. Initially, only the short rides and small topics will be found under the menus.
  3. The long rides that have several pages of photo galleries and videos will come later.
  4. All posts will be available. You can select posts by category. Categories are often posts by the associated ride.